name:  Andrzej Kowalik


 I. Absolwent Wydziału Prawa Uniwersytetu Mikołaja Kopernika w Toruniu, magister prawa.

II. W latach 1976r.- 1992r.  prokurator, Prokuratura Rejonowa w Świeciu.

III. Od  1992r. adwokat, Kancelaria Adwokacka Andrzej Kowalik.




Name: Aleksandra Kowalik;  DOB: 22.10.1981 in Poland;


I. 2000-2005- The Faculty of Law and Administration of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń

i. graduated on 7th July 2005- Master of Law;

II. 2005- 2008- Statutory judical trainee at the District, Regional and Appeal Divisions Court in Toruń:

ii. 2005-2007: Criminal Divisions (first and higher instances including Prosecution Service);

iii. final criminal examination;

iv. 2007- 2008: Civil Divisions & Family Divisions (first and higher instances);

v. 2009: final judical examination certificated by the Ministry of Justice;

III. 2000- 2009- Legal trainee at Andrzej Kowalik' s Chambers (Bar Practice);

IV. 2009- called to the Bar- member of the Regional Bar Council in Bydgoszcz;

V. 2009- 2012- Frame cooperation with Andrzej Kowalik' s Chambers

VI. since 2012- has been running the individual Bar Practice;

VII. since 2013- Registered European Lawyer in England and Wales;

VIII. since 2014- member of The Honourable Society of The Inner Temple;

IX. Since 2015- the PhD researcher- The Department of the Criminal Procedure- European Arrest  Warrant issues between The United Kingdom and Poland (comparative law report).

X. Member of European Criminal Bar Associaton, International Bar Association and Academy of European Law in Trier.

XI. The areas of the expertise: criminal law, criminal procedure including the international criminal cooperation and mutual assistance, extradition (European Arrest Warrant) between The United Kingdom and Poland, taxation- VAT, VAT frauds, commercial disputes a, international trade agreements, medical negligence claims.

XII. Awarded by ACQ Global Awards 2016- Poland- Cross Border Law Firm of the Year (Poland- UK);

XIII. Awarded by ACQ Global Awards 2016- Poland- Cross Border Law Firm of the Year (Poland- UK);

XIV. Awarded by ACQ Global Awards 2017- Poland- Cross Border Law Firm of the Year (Poland- UK);

XV. Global Awards 2017 Winner- @Excellence in Extradition Law Services

XVI. Lawyers Worldwide Awards Magazine- Super Lawyers 2017 (Criminal Defence Law Firm of The Year- Poland);

XVII. The Lawyers Worldwide Awards Super Lawyers 2017 (-The Lawyers Worldwide Awards Magazine)- Criminal Defence Law Firm of the Year - Poland

XVIII. The life motto: "there are no facts, only interpretation"- Friedrich Nietzsche.


Od 2013r. reprezentuje klientów w Wielkiej Brytanii, obecnie Adwokat/Registered European Lawyer zarejestrowany przez Solicitors Regulation Authority in England and Wales(nr523103).